AUSSIANAS Slim Strap Thong

Aussianas Slim Strap Thongs (Flip Flops) are made up with an “Auslite TM” sole and a rubber strap which is soft, but very supportive from the heel to the toe.

AUSSIE SOLES unique, well-fitted design excells over all other flat-styled Thongs in the market-place.  The recessed Heel assists in holding your feet in place as you walk and the raised Arch supports your Met and Arch area with every step.  The Tarsal Bar under your toes relieves the need to clench your toes and the hundreds of oval-shaped massage Nubs stimulate your circulation upwards from your feet.  This pumps your blood through your body to relieve any pain in your legs due to long periods of walking or standing.

“Relax Ya Feet” – combining all of these features in the “AUSSIANAS” TM offers you a more relaxed stance and also contributes to a much stronger posture and an all over relaxed feel!

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