Starfish FASHION STRAP Thong


AUSSIE SOLES have taken their world famous STARFISH orthotic thongs and added the following new features into their design for extra comfort and support:

  • Anatomically correct arch support is higher than the classic Starfish orthotic thongs to offer a higher level of orthopaedic support and aids overall posture
  • Metatarsal support under your toes assists in eliminating toe clenching which in turn allows you to relax your feet, relieve pain and walk naturally
  • Reflexology nubs stimulate circulation and invigorate your day
  • Heel Cup cradles the heel which provides a support and straight strike of the heel to the ground as you walk
  • Super soft “Auslite TM” foam relieves pain from Planter Fasciitis and Heel Spurs
  • Wider faux leather (PU), vegan friendly, Fashion Strap offers a snug, yet relaxed, fit to the feet which connects the super soft “Auslite TM” foam to your sole whilst still also offering a very fashionable look

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